Upgrade Steps for the Example HostMib Data Queries

If you are using the two built in script queries, "SNMP - Get Mounted Partitions" and "SNMP - Get Processor Information", you can migrate to the PHP Script Server using the steps below:

  1. Verify the existence of New Data Input Method - Go to Data Input Methods, verify that you see the "Get Script Server Data (Indexed)" Data Input Method exists and that it is using the "Script Query - Script Server" method.

  2. Disable the Poller - Goto Settings->Poller and uncheck the Poller Enabled checkbox. Press Save.

  3. Update Your Data Queries - Go to Data Queries and Edit the two Data Queries below. Change both their Data Input Method to "Get Script Server Data (Indexed)" and in the XML path replace "script_query" with "script_server" as shown below:

    1. SNMP - Get Mounted Partitions


    2. SNMP - Get Processor Information


  4. Update Your Data Templates - Goto Data Templates, locate the following two data templates and change their data input method to "Get Script Server Data (Indexed)".

    1. Host MIB - Hard Drive Space

    2. Host MIB - CPU Utilization

  5. Re Enable the Poller - Go to Settings->Poller and check the Poller Enabled checkbox. Press Save.

Following those steps should complete your migration to the new PHP Script Server for the two example HostMIB Data Queries.