Associate a Data Query to an existing Host

It is recommended to maintain data query associations by maintaining host templates. Each time, a data query is added to a host template, it will automatically associated with all hosts related to that very host template. The data query will be executed as well; this way the snmp cache will be filled with all values related to that query.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes suitable to manually associate a certain data query with a single host only without changing any host template. This is, where the script add_data_query.php comes in. First, let's have a look at the whole list of features it provides. Calling the script with the parameter --help yields

shell>php -q add_data_query.php --help

Add Data Query Script 1.0, Copyright 2004-2013 - The Cacti Group

A simple command line utility to add a data query to an existing device in Cacti

usage: add_data_query.php --host-id=[ID] --data-query-id=[dq_id] --reindex-method=[method] [--quiet]

    --host-id         the numerical ID of the host
    --data-query-id   the numerical ID of the data_query to be added
    --reindex-method  the reindex method to be used for that data query
                      0|None   = no reindexing
                      1|Uptime = Uptime goes Backwards
                      2|Index  = Index Count Changed
                      3|Fields = Verify all Fields
List Options:
    --quiet - batch mode value return

If the data query was already associated, it will be reindexed.

Let's first stick to the listing options

List all Hosts

shell>php -q add_data_query.php --list-hosts

Known Hosts: (id, hostname, template, description)
1       8       Localhost
11      router          3

List all Data Queries

shell>php -q add_data_query.php --list-data-queries

Known SNMP Queries:(id, name)
1       SNMP - Interface Statistics
2       ucd/net -  Get Monitored Partitions
3       Karlnet - Wireless Bridge Statistics
4       Netware - Get Available Volumes
6       Unix - Get Mounted Partitions
7       Netware - Get Processor Information
8       SNMP - Get Mounted Partitions
9       SNMP - Get Processor Information

Add a Data Query

shell>php -q add_data_query.php --host-id=11 --data-query-id=1 --reindex-method=fields

Success - Host (11: data query (1: SNMP - Interface Statistics) reindex method (3: Verify All Fields)

This example shows the use of a string "fields" for specifying the reindex method. As given by the help text, the use of the numeric value of "3" would have given the exact same result. When visiting the device edit panel, you will find non-zero values for the data query status column, e.g. Success [41 Items, 5 Rows].