Configure PHP

Please ensure, that PHP support is either builtin or installed for the following PHP extension modules:

You may run the following command to get the list of all available PHP modules

php -m

Please verify, that the modules are installed and configured correctly. There are several ways to do so, please consult PHP configuration instructions for a complete description.

We will continue using the most recommended way of configuring php extension modules. Please find the file /etc/php.ini and make the following changes to it:

extension_dir = /etc/php.d

This will enable PHP to find more configuration directives in that very directory. Other distros point to /usr/lib/php/modules instead. In each case, you should locate e.g. in that directory.

Activate the MySQL extension via /etc/php.d/mysql.ini

; Enable mysql extension module

Activate the SNMP extension via /etc/php.d/snmp.ini

; Enable snmp extension module

If you want to allow template importing, uncomment the following line:

file_uploads = On