Host Variables

Host variables represent host data and can be placed in graph or data source titles. The following table describes which host variables can be used and which host fields the correspond to.

Table 18-4. Host Variables

Variable NameDescription
|host_snmp_community|SNMP Community
|host_snmp_version|SNMP Version
|host_snmp_username|SNMP Username (v3)
|host_snmp_password|SNMP Password (v3)
|host_snmp_auth_protocol|SNMP Authetication Protocol (v3)
|host_snmp_priv_passphrase|SNMP Privacy Passphrase (v3)
|host_snmp_priv_protocol|SNMP Privace Protocol (v3)
|host_snmp_context|SNMP Context (v3)
|host_snmp_port|SNMP Port
|host_snmp_timeout|SNMP Timeout
|host_ping_retries|SNMP Retries
|host_max_oids|SNMP Maximum OIDs on a bulkwalk (v2, v3)
|host_id|Cacti internal ID for that Host