Chapter 19. RRDTool Specific Features

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GPRINT Presets

GPRINT Presets

A GPRINT is a graph item type that enables you to print the values of data sources on a graph. They are typically used to represent legend values on the graph. The output format of these numbers are controlled by a printf-like format string. Cacti enables you to keep a global list of these strings that can be applied to any graph item throughout Cacti.

Creating a GPRINT Preset

To create a new GPRINT preset, select the Graph Management menu item under the Management heading, and select GPRINT Presets. Click Add to the right and you will be presented with an edit page containing two fields. Enter a name for your GPRINT preset, and the actual printf-like string in the GPRINT Text field. When you are finished, click the Create button to create your new GPRINT preset.